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The G-77 Sky Master

Published: May 21, 2020
G-77 Sky Master: Ford F-F550
The G-77 Sky Master raises the bar for luxury transporters. Built on the Ford F-550 chassis, the G-77 Sky Master has elevated the executive vehicle game by providing unmatched comfort, productivity, and style. This executive vehicle has everything you need for productive business or perfect relaxation. While air conditioning and ample seating are expected, the craftsmanship and luxurious details will blow you away. As soon as you step into this Ford F-550 you’ll know you’re riding in the height of luxury transporters. Every detail screams luxury and comfort from the massage feature on the plush leather chairs to the 24k gold-plating. Wherever you are in the Ford F-550, you’ll know you’re in the best luxury transporter in the world.

Whether you’re looking for entertainment or reliable business tools, you’ll be impressed with this luxury transporter’s electronics. The G-77 Sky Master comes equipped with three TVs, iPads, Mac mini computers, Apple TV, and an intercom system. There are multiple USBs and 12v charging stations throughout this executive vehicle, so you’ll never be without the power you need. There are three TVs in the G-77 Sky Master, two 49” LED TVs in the boardroom, and a third TV in the main cabin. The third TV is a 65” curved ultra HD TV. You can listen to the TV through the Bose home theater sound system with a subwoofer. All the electronics are the best quality and newest technology available. 

This Ford F-550 also has the best, most modern security tools. It features a 360-degree security system with a 24” security monitoring screen, and GPS full-time monitoring. There’s no doubt that you can fully relax in this executive vehicle with reliable electronics and state of the art security, your mind will be at ease. This executive vehicle is equipped with a luxury restroom. The beautiful 24k gold details throughout the restroom will make you feel like you’re in a luxury hotel. The dazzling gold washbasin and Crema Marfil marble floor are the height of luxury.



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