Lexani Motorcars

Creating the finest luxury vehicle conversions in the world

Lexani is internationally recognized as the leader in luxury automotive accessories, maintaining that position for more than a decade. Attracting the attention and praise of countless celebrities worldwide and being featured in notable publications such as the New York Times and Forbes, Lexani has become a world-renowned icon in the automotive industry.

Lexani Motorcars

Lexani Motorcars is a boutique Executive Vehicle Conversion company in California, USA. For Lexani, the expansion from automotive accessories into luxury vehicles was a natural one. The intention behind the launch of Lexani Motorcars was to carry the prestige of the Lexani brand to the luxury automotive market with unparalleled design, innovation, and quality. Since its inception, Lexani Motorcars has exceeded every expectation, providing custom vehicles for professional athletes, Hollywood elite, and Heads of state around the world.

With amenities rivaling those in yachts and private jets, Lexani Motorcars has taken luxury interiors to the next level. The vehicles are assembled using only the highest quality materials, furnishings, and carpentry, with incomparable attention to detail put into each individual car. The goal of creating vehicles tailored to perfection is simple, but the results of this pursuit have been astonishing.

Each custom Lexani Motorcar offers a brilliant blend of technology, luxury, and artistry to provide the ultimate traveling experience. The customization options allow clients to create their ideal environment. Whether the vehicle is for business, family, entertainment, security, or all of the above, owners can rest assured that their vehicles are unrivaled in all respects.

The combination of buyer individuality and creativity with Lexani Motorcars’ automotive expertise has done more than just put new luxury vehicles on the road; it has effectively redefined modern luxury travel.